Slaithwaite’s Makeover

***Press Release***

The Band has recently developed our impressive social club and Bandroom and a new makeover has really improved the band’s proud HQ.

Musical makeovers have seen the band link up with Sandy Smith, a great friend of the band, who is leading the band through its busy Christmas programme of events.

The band are also excited to announce that Leigh Baker will take on the musical director role in the new year to lead the band’s musical makeover.

Leigh said “this is a band with a great history and a fabulous set up. They have huge potential and I’m delighted to be working with them.”

Band manger Mark Eastwood said ” these are exciting times for the band, being able to work with both Leigh and Sandy”

The band will celebrate its 130th anniversary in 2022 and plans are underway for new projects as well as new musical initiatives.

Sandy Smith will retain his links with the band in an associate role.

Exciting times for Slaithwaite!

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